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Feature: Down Here

Role: DOP. Down Here is a film set in the downtown east side of Vancouver.   It’s gritty and real and I shot a lot of it using heavy available light only lightly sweetened by practicals.  It required some very fast and rare lenses which I hand modified to fit on the camera. Due to the combination of the fast glass and extraordinarily sensitive cameras, we were able to shoot at night downtown east side with very minimal extra lighting.  I wanted it to feel genuine and real and completely believable yet beautiful. Here is a teaser, the trailer is being edited and it just recently received final sound. It’s going to numerous film festivals.

Down Here Trailer from Capital Motion Picture Group on Vimeo.


Feature: Last Night in Suburbia

Role: DOP.  A comedy about the last days in highschool.



Feature: Hell in a Handbag

Role: DOP. HIAHB Is an action comedy horror fast paced romp through absurdity ‘film inside a film’.  It has an amazing cast and was an absolute riot to shoot.  We used cranes, helicopters, steadicams, peewees and baseball bats as camera transports.  Blood had to be cleaned off cameras more than once.  I spent a lot of time on the lighting colour palettes within the scenes and from scene to scene.  The film is currently in post production so there’s no teaser or trailer yet, but here’s some stills.  Here is a montage of stills.  When the trailer is complete it will be posted here.



Documentary: Fractured Land

Role: Contributing cinematographer. Fractured Land tells the story of a young Dene warrior from northeastern BC, taking on Big Oil and Gas to protect his land and people from the ravages of neocolonialism – all the while learning to accept the role he was born for, as one of Canada’s next generation of leaders.


Commercial: Need for Speed ‘The Run’

Role: DOP. I worked with Michael Bay on the commercial for Need for Speed ‘The Run’.   We gave Michael a pile of shots which he and his team edited into this commercial.

Documentary: Be Like Che

I’m directing and shooting a documentary on Cuba and what its future might look like.  Havana, and many other places in Cuba have been somewhat put in a time capsule since 1959.  The embargo lasts for as long as a Castro is in power, and neither Fidel nor his brother can hold onto it forever.  What’s next?  This documentary is half done, it requires another trip down to Cuba to bring it all together. Here are some stills from the project, a teaser is coming shortly.




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